What is the relationship between jinghma and burchda? How are they different? How to buy jinghma ebike?

BURCHDA is an upgraded brand of JINGHMA.

The following is the specific corresponding relationship:

JINGHMA's old model JINGMA's picture   BURCHDA's new model BURCHDA's picture
jinghma r3 jinghma r3

burchda r3 pro

(Upgrade battery & Upgrade motor)

burchda r3pro
jinghma r5 jinghma r5

burchda r5pro

(Upgrade battery & Upgrade LCD display)

burchda r5pro
jinghma r7 pro jinghma r7pro jinghma r7 pro jinghma r7pro
jinghma r8 jinghma r8

burchda r8 pro

(Upgrade battery & Upgrade LCD display)

burchda r8pro
- -

burchda r8s pro

(Upgrade battery & Upgrade LCD display & Step-Through Frame

burchda r8s


Both JINGHMA and BURCHDA belong to two sub-brands of the same company.
BURCHDA has a newer and more powerful electric bike that JINGHMA will gradually stop selling.

If you like JINGHMA's products, you may wish to place an order for the corresponding new model at burchda-official.com. 


If there is any bike you are interested in but don’t know where to buy it, please contact ussupport@burchda-official.com

Thank you for your interest in BURCHDA !

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