Brand story


The word "BURCHDA" can be pronounced as [bɜːrtʃdə] according to the rules of English.

The story behind the word "BURCHDA" is closely related to green travel, especially in conjunction with an electric bicycle brand. This coined word conveys an idea of ​​sustainability, environmental protection and respect for nature.

First of all, the Latin root "Arbor" of "Burch" can be directly related to green nature. Electric bicycles represent an environmentally friendly, low-carbon way of travel, while trees symbolize the vitality of nature. Therefore, “Burch” emphasizes the idea of ​​harmonious symbiosis with nature, implying that using an electric bicycle is an environmentally friendly option.

Secondly, the Latin root of "Da", "Dare", emphasizes the concept of giving and sharing. In the story behind this, this can be explained as the brand’s commitment to sharing the concept of green mobility and providing users with a positive and environmentally responsible way of mobility. This also means that the brand not only provides an electric bicycle, but also shares its care and responsibility for the environment with users, creating a more sustainable future through joint efforts.

Therefore, "BURCHDA", as the name of an electric bicycle brand, is not only a trademark, but also a symbol that carries respect for nature and commitment to the concept of green travel. The pronunciation of this word represents the commitment to environmental protection, growth and sharing, which is consistent with the core concept of the brand and provides users with a positive and meaningful green travel experience.



The founder of the BURCHDA brand established a company specializing in the production of outdoor off-road and urban commuting electric bicycles in China in 2018.

Today, the company has quickly grown to become one of the most recognized e-bike manufacturers in the world.

BURCHDA insists on high quality and high-end design, and our bicycles are very popular among consumers due to stable performance and excellent design.

Our customers are located all over the world, and are especially recognized by users in the European Union, the United States, Japan and other countries.

We have established a reliable global network to ensure that packages are quickly delivered to customers.