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BURCHDA E-bike Buletooth Display APP User Manual

For some new BURCHDA e-bikes(such as R5PRO/RX90/U8), there is a smart APP to control/monitor them.

Here is the introduce of the APP.

1. Download And Installation

1.1 Android Installation

Scan the QR code of the picture below 1.1 to download the “E-bike” APP or open the mobile browser and enter the URL: Download “E-bike”APP.

burchda bluetooth app

1.2 IOS Installation

Open App Store and search "YolinEbike" and download to install it. 

burchda ios installation

* The first time you open the APP, you will be prompted to obtain permissions and allow all the permissions requested by the APP.Otherwise, some functions may not be available.

2. Registration and login

2.1 Registered account

burchda app installation
⭐If you only want to experience APP,you can directly click “No account number?” to directly enter the experience account.

2.2 Main interface description

burchda app main screen

2.3 Bind display

①Click the Bluetooth icon. ② Click to search Bluetooth. ③ Click the Bluetooth name broadcast by the display to connect with Bluetooth. After the connection is successful, the display will to also indicate the Bluetooth connection icon icon.
bind displaybluetooth bind

2.4 Basic operation

burchda app interface

2.5 Setup Menu

functional app burchdaburchda smart e-bike
* Advanced parameter settings does not open to user.

2.6 Map interface

At present, the Map interface can only display the current position, current battery voltage, riding mileage and current speed information. In the future. We will develop cycling records and other functions.

burchda map app e-bike

2.7 APP version upgrade

When the user finds the words “Find New version is: Vx.x” in the “Me” interface, it means that there is a new version of the APP. You can click to download and install the new version of the APP.



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