Brushed vs. brushless DC motors: which is best for your fat e-bike

Any BURCHDA e-bike has at lease one Brushless DC motors, which is powerful and quieter.

But what is the difference with Brushed DC motors and Brushless DC motors?

We made a summary below: 

Brushed DC motors

Brushless DC motors

Less torque per weight

More torque per weight

Less torque per watt

More torque per watt

More audible noise

Less audible noise

Shorter lifetime

Longer lifetime

Lower reliability

Higher reliability

Commutator sparking

No sparking

More EMI radiation

Less EMI radiation

May need airflow to cool rotor

Can be completely enclosed

Lower RPM

Higher RPM

Easy to drive

Hard to drive



Due to these characteristics, most of the brushless motors we see on the market are brushless motors. 

This is why BURHCDA chooses brushless motors.


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