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BURCHDA RX70 User Manual


·MODLE RX20/70



· Please carefully check whether all parts are in good condition before. If there is any problem, please contact the dealer in time.

· Abide by the city traffic laws and regulations when using.

· Slow down when encountering rain, snow and passing through slippery roads, increase braking distance when braking, and avoid traveling as much as possible to ensure safety.

· Do not disassemble parts without authorization. If you need to replace them, please purchase standard parts from distributors.

· Wading is prohibited during riding or when riding in rainy days. When accumulated water floods the lowest position of motor hub, it will cause line failure.

· Do not contact the metal point of the battery, otherwise it will produce a large short-circuit current and cause an accident and fire, please pay attention! · Wear a helmet when riding an electric bicycle, and carry articles according to the law.

· Do not park electric bicycles in the foyer, stairs, walkways and safety exits of buildings.

· Due to the continuous improvement of products in technology, there may be different things between the physical objects and the instructions. Please take the physical objects as the standard.

Special Tips:

Do not park electric bicycles in the foyer, stairs, walkways and safety exits of buildings. Electric bicycles should not be charged and parked in residential buildings. When charging, they should stay away from combustibles and flammable materials and avoid charging for a long time. Waste batteries cannot be disassembled without authorization.


Riding precautions


· Accelerate slowly when starting, and help with pedals when climbing, which can prolong the service life of batteries and motors.

· The bicycle controller is equipped with overload protection function, which will automatically cut off the power supply when overload occurs, and when it returns to normal, the power supply of the electric bicycle will be automatically turned on.

· The maximum load capacity of this bicycle is 180kg (including the weight of riders). Do not overload driving. When driving on complex roads, try to ride and turn on the shock absorption function.

Parking precautions

· When implementing, the power switch should be turned off to prevent accidents caused by sudden start of the bicycle due to unintentional rotation of the speed regulating handle. When parking, turn off the power supply, lock the battery and remove the key.

· For the sake of your driving safety and keeping your bike in the best condition, please maintain it regularly.


Battery storage


· Please store the battery at the ambient temperature of 20 ~ 25℃, and do not store the battery in an environment higher than 50℃, otherwise it will lead to irreversible capacity attenuation of the battery.

· If the bicycle is not used for a long time (such as winter, summer or other special circumstances), the battery must be taken out and stored separately, maintained and charged regularly, otherwise the battery may run out and cause irreversible damage.

· The most suitable storage capacity of the battery is 50%, and long-term storage of less than 10% or more than 90% will lead to irreversible capacity attenuation of the battery.

Frame Aluminum alloy Brake Hydraulic brake
Battery weight 4.7KG Central axis Sealed central shaft
Variable speed Shimano 8 speed Load About 180Kg
Instrument Intelligent instrument Hub spoked wheel
Controller Vector controller Charging time 4-6 hours
Tire size Rx70 27.5x2.8" / Rx20 26x4.0" Climbing ability Approximately 30 °
Body weight RX70 29KG / RX20 32.6KG

* Please note that due to the upgrade of the product, the bicycle you own may be different from the picture and configuration.

* Product configuration is subject to physical objects.

Bicycle installation

Since 95% of the bicycles have been installed, the rest can be installed directly after receiving.

1. As shown in the figure, the front wheels of the bicycle you receive are separated from the bicycle body.

2. Install handlebar riser

3. Insert one end of the quick release lever into the center hole of the front wheel.

4. Install the spring and nut at the other end of the quick release lever.

5. Stick the front fork on the quick release.

6. Adjust the center position of the tire so that the positions on both sides are the same.

7. Turn Quick Release to lock the front wheel and secure Quick Release

8. Install the lights and fenders, and connect the light wires (note that the arrows at both ends of the wiring correspond)

9. Install the fender bracket screws

*The installation method of RX20 and RX70 is the same, the installation pictures are for reference only, please refer to the actual product


Fork description

Turn the switch on the left side to switch the front fork damping system, and adjust the damping softness and hardness on the right side.

Pedal instructions

Install the left and right pedals separately

Handlebar control unit description

Description Of Variable Speed Finger Dial

Eight-level speed change finger dial
· Please use the speed-changing finger dial when pedaling. (Note: Do not use it when it is still)
· When changing speed, it needs to be adjusted step by step (note: do not directly adjust from level 1 to level 8)

Effect drawing of bicycle installation

Instrument Description

Speed mode: Average speed (AVG SPEED), maximum speed (MAX SPEED), real- time speed (RT SPEED).
Speed display: Display speed value Km/h, kilometers/hour, MPH miles/hour.
Power indicator: P rovide stable power prompt through optimized algorithm, and the power is not affected by the fluctuation of motor start and stop. If the system supports battery communication, it can display an accurate percentage of power.
Brake reminder: This symbol will be displayed when the brake is powered off.
Gear indication: Display the current auxiliary gear 0-5, where 0 means neutral gear without assistance, and 1-5 corresponds to auxiliary gear. P is displayed in the 6km/h driving mode.
Failure prompt: Display a symbol when a failure is detected.
Mileage mode: Divided into single mileage TRIP, accumulated mileage ODO, riding time TIME.
Mileage display: Display mileage information or time information according to the set mode.
USB display: When the USB charging function is turned on, the interface will display a logo
Switch: Press  Power on/off
Add: Short press the“+”key to Increase gear
Reduce: Short press the“ - ” key to Downshift
Model: Short press the“ ” M key to Toggle function

Mileage Mode Switch

In the starting state, short click  can the display mode, and the following information will be displayed in a loop: running time (Time) → accumulated mileage (ODO) → single mileage (Trip).

Speed Mode Switch

In the power-on state, short press the M key to switch the speed display mode, and the following information will be displayed cyclically: real-time speed (RT SPEED) → average speed (AVG SPEED) → maximum speed (MAX SPEED).

Backlight Switch

Long press the "+" key (1 second), the backlight brightness of the instrument will decrease, and the lights will be turned on at the same time (controller support is required). Long press the "+" button again (1 second), the indicator backlight returns to its original brightness

Walking Mode

Long press the "-" key (1 second), the electric vehicle enters the assisted walking state, Speed displays real-time speed, gear position displays P, release the "-" key, The electric bicycle exits the walking mode.

Cruise Control

Twist the handle to accelerate, then long press the "-" key to enter the cruise control mode, the brake will immediately exit the cruise control mode. The meter displays "p" and keeps flashing.

Usb Function

Long press the“M” button (1 second) to turn on the USB function, and the user can use the USB function. Press the M button again for more than 1 second, the meter will turn off the USB function, and the charging parameter will be DC 5V 500mA.

Data Clear

Press the "+" and "-" keys at the same time to clear the temporary data after 1 second. The cleared data includes the maximum speed, the average speed , the single mileage, and the riding time .

Correct use of charger

· Electric bicycles are equipped with special batteries, which must be charged by the special charger provided by our company. Before charging, the electric bicycle must turn off the power supply. When charging, the output end of the charger is linked to the electric bicycle, and then the other end of the charger is linked to the power supply for charging. The red ndicator of the charger lights up, indicating that charging is underway.

Battery disassembly and assembly

Energy consumption description

* The battery should be fully charged before long-distance travel. Rugged road conditions and hilly terrain will consume more energy.
* Carrying more weight on an electric bicycle will consume more energy.
* When an electric bicycle runs at low temperature, its cruising range will be reduced.
* When the battery is turned off, your electric bike will be used as an ordinary bike

Pattern description

The key is opened, the instrument is opened, and the switch is twisted. The electric bicycle is driven by electricity. The key is turned on, and the instrument is turned on. At this time, the electric auxiliary mode will be started, which is driven by manpower and electric power. Riding an electric bicycle, the electric bicycle is driven by manpower.
· In pedal assist mode, assist is triggered when the pedal is pressed forward, and is stopped when the pedal is stopped. When you brake, the power assist system will automatically stop, allowing the e-bike to slow down and stop. When the e-bike reaches the maximum speed of the gear you have selected, the power assist will turn itself off.

Motor description

When the electric bicycle starts, the input current of the drive motor is large, and the motor will have a certain noise to overcome the resistance to reach the speed. It is the friction sound of the current torque and the magnetic force, which is a normal phenomenon. If the starting current of the electric bicycle is increased, all noises will be more obvious. This is a normal phenomenon and will not affect the use of the electric bicycle. (Note: When the electric bicycle starts, it can be accelerated slowly when accelerating. At this time, the starting current will not be too large, and the noise of the driving wheel will be relatively small. At the same time, it will be beneficial to the battery life).
PDF: User Manual of BURCHDA RX70
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