Why did I choose the BURCHDA RX50?

Why did I choose the RX50?

I wanted to buy an electric bicycle that was stylish, functional, and reasonably priced. Only Chinese brands seemed to fit the bill, as other European and American brands tended to be pricier.

I'm fond of fat-tire bicycles because they look cool. These tires, with a width of 4 inches, give the bike a chunky appearance and are suitable for terrains like snow and sand.

I had three main criteria: a unified frame, a semi-concealed battery, and fat tires. After much searching, I settled on the BURCHDA brand.

BURCHDA offers models like the RX20/RX70 and the higher-tier RX80/RX50. While the RX80 comes with a central shock absorber, the RX50 doesn't. Since I don't particularly need that feature and primarily use the bike for daily commuting, I opted for the RX50.

Why did I order from burchda-official.com?

Because of the 1-year warranty and fast shipping from Poland to Finland. The purchasing experience on their website was excellent, with gifts like bike locks, phone mounts, pumps, mudguards, lights, chargers, and even helmets.

Key features of this bike include its 1 kW direct current motor, which is considerably more powerful than the typical 250W motors found in most electric bikes. It also boasts an LCD color display, a feature rarely seen in Western brands at this price point.

After researching local bike brands in North America and Europe, I realized that a color display in a bike costing over 1000 euros was rare. This bike also features a decent battery capacity of 17.5 Ah and an 8-speed Shimano gearbox. It offers three riding modes: pure electric, electric assist, and pedal assist, with five levels of electric assistance.

Its top theoretical speed ranges from 40 to 45 km/h, but in practical scenarios, factors like weight, wind speed, and terrain can influence this. For daily commuting, I feel a speed above 30 km/h is unnecessary and potentially unsafe.

Other notable features include hydraulic brakes, front shock absorbers for added comfort, and a decent headlight. The bike's size might be a challenge for smaller riders, but overall, its performance met my expectations.

Choosing an electric bike over a motorcycle was influenced by several factors. Initially, I was drawn to motorcycles in 2022 and even took steps to get a license. However, the high insurance costs and the mismatch between my commuting needs and the motorcycle's capabilities made me reconsider. After watching numerous reviews on YouTube, I realized that electric bikes offered the flexibility and features I was looking for, leading to my decision to purchase the RX50.

By Quach at Finland.



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