BURCHDA R5 PRO: An e-bike recommended by a famous YouTube channel influencer

Influencer name: 103mobstories;
Country: France
Number of fans: nearly 200,000.
Influencer introduction: A vertical Internet celebrity of electric bicycles. The video style is humorous and interesting. The video length exceeds 30 minutes. The video content includes the assembly of electric bicycles, parameter introduction, road testing, etc. It is very professional and recognized by fans.

What did he say:
1. BURCHDA R5 Pro is a very sturdy fat tire electric bicycle with a 1000w motor and a 20ah long-life battery. You can easily ride more than 70km.
2. After testing, it has been shown that it has strong off-road capabilities. With the power provided by its 1000w motor and the grip of its 4.0-inch tires, it can easily climb hillsides and cross muddy mountain roads. No need to worry about embarrassing situations.
3. The price of BURCHDA R5 Pro is very affordable, and it can be rated 5 stars (full score) in terms of cost performance.

What his fans said:
1. A fan said that his bicycle team has a burchda r5 pro and he likes it very much.
2. A fan said that he likes the 26-inch foldable electric bicycle very much, so it can be put into the trunk of the car.
3. Some fans are curious about what dual batteries mean?
Here's the detailed video (in French):


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