What is waterproof level of BURCHDA e-bikes?

The IP in the protection level refers to the English INGRESS PROTECTION, the abbreviation of two words. The IP protection level test standard is stipulated by IEC (INTERNATIONAL ELECTROTECHNICAL COMMISSION), and it consists of two parts. The first part refers to the dustproof level. The second part is the moisture-proof part, which is the waterproof part.

According to different standards, electrical appliances are classified after testing and grouped by two sets of numbers.

IP waterproof test grade classification:

1. IPX0 waterproof level means no waterproof protection. No special protection against water or moisture.
2. IPX1 waterproof level equipment can provide waterproof protection equivalent to 3-5 mm/min rainfall for 10 minutes under normal operating conditions.
3. IPX2 waterproof level is basically the same as IPX-1, but it can pass the waterproof test of 15 degrees upward tilt in all directions.
4. IPX3 waterproof level is splash waterproof protection at a 60-degree angle, providing waterproof protection at a flow rate of 10 liters/second for 2-5 minutes and a pressure of 80-100n/m.
5. IPX4 waterproof level is basically the same as IPX-3, but can provide all-round and angle splash waterproof protection.
6. IPX5 waterproof level provides all-round and angle waterproof protection, providing 2-3 minutes of 12.5 liters/second flow rate and 30n/m pressure waterproof protection.
8. IPX7 waterproof level can be submerged under 1 meter of water for 30 minutes.
9. IPX8 is completely waterproof and can be used continuously in water more than 1 meter deep for a long time.

The waterproof level of BURCHDA's electric bicycles is IPX4, which can meet the vast majority of daily use scenarios, including extreme weather such as rainy and snowy days.

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