How to distinguish between old and new batteries of BURCHDA e-bikes

The batteries of some BURCHDA electric bicycles have been upgraded, so when you buy batteries, if you find that you need to choose new/old models, then you will need this article.

To distinguish between old and new batteries.
First, you need to find the charging port for your battery.
As shown in the picture below, the old charging port is on the left and there is a circle in the center.

 Charging port of Old model battery Charging port of New model battery
burchda old model battery
burchda new model battery

On the right is the new charging port, with three shiny feet in the center.

In order to confirm the specific model of the battery, we may confirm it with you via email, please pay attention to the email.

If you want to buy a battery but don’t know which one to choose, please feel free to contact us:

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